Open Innovation Submission Portal

Frequently Asked Questions


When you submit an idea through this Idea Submission Portal, you will be asked to complete an "Open Innovation Submission Form" including your contact details, a non-confidential overview of your solution and your agreement to the terms and conditions of submission (Waiver). yet2 will review your details and evaluate the solution on behalf of Suntory Beverage & Food Limited (Suntory) within the third party managed portal.

Contact information is essential for us to follow up on your idea. The submission form must also provide an overview of the proposed solution, with the understanding that your submission will not be treated as confidential. You only need to send us an outline of your proposal at this stage, describing how it works in a general technical sense and what the benefits would be. If you have a published or granted patent, that will normally be a sufficient description, and you can simply provide us with the details of the published patent/application.

yet2 will review your "Submitter Information Form" in relation to criteria provided by Suntory to decide if your solution fits the current needs of Suntory. yet2 will follow up directly with you through the portal to inform you of the status (i.e. no further action, more details required, of interest for further discussion, etc).

yet2 has significant experience in how companies acquire and divest technology and understand the best approaches to reviewing technology and identifying its fit to the needs of an organization whilst ensuring adequate protection for each party. Furthermore, yet2 understands the nuances between large companies and smaller technology innovators and successfully manage thousands of introductions for successful partnerships each day.

No, only non-confidential information may be submitted. Throughout the submission process, we ask for only information that imposes no obligations of confidentiality for Suntory or yet2 and does not breach any confidentiality obligations that you as the submitter owe to others. If confidential information is later required, we may negotiate a separate Confidential Disclosure Agreement prior to sharing or receipt of any confidential information.

Yes, this is the legally-accepted age for agreeing to terms and conditions for this activity.

On submitting your "Open Innovation Submission Form", you will receive an email confirming your submission has been received, and you will be provided with a unique submission identification number. Contact will then be made within approximately five working days to inform you of the status of your submission. Assuming no additional information is required, and the idea meets Suntory needs, it will then be forwarded to Suntory for their review. Suntory review may take several weeks, at which point they may reach out to you to discuss your idea in greater detail.

There will be no reward for your initial submission of an idea through this portal. However, if Suntory decides to pursue a submission, they may proceed with a mutually-agreed contract and appropriate commercial terms on a case-by-case basis.

Yes, these are created to protect you and your rights, and also eliminates the risk of jeopardizing Suntory ongoing research programs, projects and developing concepts.

Yes, you will have to agree to the Terms and Conditions for each submission.

Ideally, your solution will be protected by granted or applied-for patents. However, Suntory are willing to discuss early stage ideas before a patent filing has been made or before it has been published. If you have not filed for patents yet, you should not disclose any information that jeopardizes your rights to file patents, and we advise you contact an IP lawyer prior to submission.

Please ensure that you are only using the 8-character alphanumeric reference number to login, do not include the # preceding it. Please also ensure that you are entering O (capital "o") and 0 (zero) correctly. If that fails, please contact