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Natural Preservatives for Beverages

Request Number 190327 | Author Suntory


Suntory is seeking "natural preservatives", that is, clean-label ingredients with an antimicrobial or bacteriostatic activity against molds and yeasts.

Natural preservatives derived from plants are of highest interest. Natural preservatives delivered from microorganisms which have a history of safe use for food are also acceptable. (e.g. Lactic acid bacteria, yeast, Aspergillus oryzae and Mushroom)

The following ingredients are excluded: Chitosan, Saponin, Natamycin, Nicin, Benzoic acid and Sorbic acid.


Consumers are putting more attention on products which are clean-label and more "natural".

In some markets Suntory must currently use a limited number of artificial preservatives combined with heating processes for product safety.

We would like to achieve ZERO artificial preservative use to meet increasing consumer demand worldwide.

Key Success Criteria


  • Samples should be provided for Suntory’s internal evaluation
  • History of safe use for food and no safety issues


  • Experimental results on MIC (preferably, < 1,000ppm) against molds and yeasts
  • Good solubility, pH stable (preferably, at 3.5-4.0), and heat stable (at 90–100°C for a few seconds)
  • The color / taste / flavor should not be negatively affected
  • Mass production should be possible or likely to be possible
Possible Approaches
  • Natural components, natural extracts or fermented products from plants, fruits and vegetables
  • Microorganism-derived components and its metabolites
  • Combinations of the above
Approaches not of interest

We are not interested in

  • Chitosan, Saponin, Natamycin, Nicin, Benzoic acid and Sorbic acid.
  • Proposals for untested ideas/concepts
  • Ingredients which must be labeled as a "preservative"
  • E-number coded substances
Preferred Collaboration types

To be negotiated: open for joint development with academic partners as well as commercially available solutions

Additional Information

We would like to receive the following documents/information with your proposal.

  • MIC data
  • Cost, lead time, and quantity available for samples